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Through the Saltaire Keyhole
Through the keyhole with The Shipley and Saltaire Times
February 1879
Researched by Clive Woods

1st February 1879.  The reduction of factory operatives’ wages which has taken effect at Saltaire during the present week has varied in the different departments of the works, but may be said to be about eight per cent. The inhabitants of Saltaire, however, will be glad to hear that it is intended to reduce the house-rents ten per cent, the alteration to take place next week.

22 February 1879. HOUSE BREAKING – On Firday afternoon last, about half past three o’clock, the house of Mr. Thomas Overend, butcher, of 5 Helen Street, Saltaire, was broken into during the absence of the family. The back-room window was found open and it is supposed that the latch had been raised by means of a knife. A person was seen loitering about the premises at the time stated. Nothing has been missed as yet from the house but the police authorities have the matter in hand.


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