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A welcome site - Pamela puts village on the web

Local webmaster Pamela Reynolds is constructing a website she hopes will serve the village and its community as well as being a source of valuable information to a global audience. "I thought that Saltaire could benefit from a site that offered some interactivity", says Pamela, who based some of her ideas on a website featuring the town of Nelson in British Columbia.
"The Nelson website is so interesting – people in the community share their opinions online – warts and all. The site references its history and culture and is also a cyber snapshot of everyday contemporary culture. That's how I envisage this website will be." [You can find the Nelson website online at:]
Very much aware that with World Heritage Site status there are references to Saltaire reaching a global audience regularly, through the internet, television and film, Pamela told us: "People who live here have this culture and history on their doorstep and people who don't are rightly curious about this amazing place. If I can contribute in a small way with this site then I am very happy. The site is still under construction but is coming along nicely and when it's picked up by Google I anticipate significant traffic, especially if the site is kept fresh with regular updates and is interactive."

Anyone who wants to include information about their lives or business in Saltaire, please get in touch. Suggestions and feedback are, of course, welcome.

Pamela's interactive website includes a page which lets you submit items directly to this paper. Meanwhile, the Tourist information and Gift Centre has very simple forms which you can use on the spot for the same purpose. Alternatively, Roger Clarke will be pleased to interview anyone who leaves their name and address.

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