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Balgarnie's Salt

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Balgarnie's SaltBalgarnie's Salt with Commentary and Additions (published 2003) has 350 footnotes to accompany Balgarnie's text, plus further plans, images and appendices.

The original book is now a collectors' item - long out of print, difficult to find, and too expensive for many would-be purchasers.

Anyone interested in Sir Titus Salt, Saltaire or more generally, the development of the textile industry in the 1800s will find this an essential text.

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Nemine Juvante (Saltaire) Publications retains its intellectual property ownership of the accompanying text in its electronic form, but invites users to freely copy and use the material without referral to Nemine Juvante (Saltaire) Publications. Where used in publications, an acknowledgement would be appreciated, but this is left to the user's discretion. The information is being made freely available in this way to help research and education communities, and to invite feedback on the content of Balgarnie's biography of Sir Titus Salt. We wish all users well in their endeavours.

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"Whilst (Balgarnie's) words remain an invaluable and highly readable account of the life of Sir Titus, the present day reader will inevitably be less familiar with the circumstances and characters that Balgarnie refers to in his 19th century account than would have originally been the case. As present day writers, we have provided over 350 footnotes of commentary and additions to accompany Balgarnie's text, and augmented the six illustrations of the original with other plans and images. Helped by historian and writer Patricia McNaughton we have also added appendices which we hope bring further to life the story of Salt and Saltaire."
Barlo & Dave Shaw

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