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Added: 3 June 2008

Great Grandson of Sir Titus Salt, celebrates his 90th birthday

Denys Salt, the great grandson of Sir Titus, celebrated his 90th birthday on 4 May 2008. Denys, who lives in Graz in Austria with is wife, Eva, shared the day with his family and friends, including Dave and Ann Shaw, founders of the Saltaire History Club.

A note of thanks from Denys has been passed though Dave and Ann who presented him with a birthday card signed by members of the History Club. The card was printed with a tweaked version of the Salt family crest.

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Denys and Eva Salt


The tweaked version of the Salt family crest
Denys and Eva Salt The tweaked version of the family crest

Dear Dave and Ann,

The super card of congratulations which you handed to me was beautifully crafted with a “personal updated” crest which I really appreciated. And the covering paper was very appropriately made by Victoria Hall! What more could one wish on a 90th birthday? Since you’ll understand that I can’t manage to write to all who signed the card would it be possible for you to express my thanks generally to those concerned for this marvellous gesture?

We must get cracking on our plans for the September Festival and will let you know how we get on.

Denys and Eva

All who know Denys, or even of him, will join in wishing him a splendid year ahead, and many years to come. Happy Birthday Denys - no one would guess you had reached such a milestone.

Lots of love and best wishes from your friends in Saltaire.

Added: 28 April 2008


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