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Added: 27 April 2008

Caroline Street Square, Victoria Road trees, and the Boathouse

Protect Saltaire!Eddie Lawler, secretary of the Saltaire Village Society warns that residents are heading for confrontation with Bradford Council, if proper consultation is not adhered to.

On 23 April 2008, Jane Hughes of the Area Panel at Shipley Town hall brought two men from EAT (Envionmental Action Trust, a local social enterprise) to the Square on Caroline Street.  They have lots of bright ideas which will be circulated to local residents which were, of course "subject to funding". Eddie Lawler represented the Saltaire Village Society.

Eddie Lawler's email to Jane Hughes appears below.

Jane Hughes will be attending the next SVS committee meeting for half-an-hour re Caroline Street square.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Eddie Lawler
Date: Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 10:05 AM
Subject: Three items for Neighbourhood Forum
To: Jane Hughes <>

Dear Jane

Thanks for coming to "Silver Square" yesterday with Peter and Mark, it was a good discussion and we look forward to developing the ideas.

I'm just a little concerned that our conversation will result in:

Stage One: removal of tree and greenery
Stage Two: wait for further funding……….

Please ensure that this does not occur!  The square does actually need a little attention right now, and anything that can be done in the way of management of overgrowth will be most welcome.  But no Stage One, thank you,  if Stage Two actually only means Crossing Fingers ….

Saltaire has had quite enough chain-sawing at the moment (the Park in advance of an unguaranteed development plan) and two Victoria Road trees with no guarantee whatsoever of replacement, indeed the threat of further removal.

We await the minutes of the Project Team meeting, but I think I heard Christine Kerrin say that the situation is "dire" – with money for removal of inappropriate trees but not a penny nor a plan for replacement.  She also led us to believe that the sudden removal of two trees on Victoria Road – leaving ugly stumps and no plans for further action – was a "spending-up of budget" action at the end of March (on a Sunday morning and in total defiance of Council's own procedures which state that trees in a conservation area cannot be removed without six weeks' notice).

So can you please put "trees" on the Neighbourhood forum agenda.  We wrote to Nicola Atkins after the trees were removed, and whilst we received a copy of an explanation for the action taken, we have received no acknowledgement of our own email, and no assurance that trees will not be removed without replacement either in situ or elsewhere.

We have also had a look at the four trees at the junction which were the subject of criticism from another Council Officer and can find no inherent threat to our safety from them.  The danger is from cars and angry drivers.

We are heading for confrontation on this matter rather than co-operation unless we can have some proper plan for Victoria Road and a policy of no removal without replacement.

Further suggestions for the Forum agenda – firstly, the Park (hoping that there is good news) an update, please.  And announcement that "Bandstand" concerts recommence on 25th May for 15 Summer Sundays.

And secondly – the Boathouse.  Craig McHugh has sent an email which basically says "leave it to the market".  In effect that is saying leave it to the vandals to finish it off.
We have contacted the owners Punch Taverns.  They have acknowledged the email, and Jo Sandall of that company writes: "I have asked our property team for an update on the plans for this pub so will respond to you as soon as I am able."

I'll send any further news as soon as I get it.

All the best from Eddie


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