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Added: 29 May 2008
Poster for Shipley Glen Tramway by Geoff Tynan

This image melds two images separated by time to give us a poignant reminder of the rich history of the Shipley Glen Tramway.

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Geoff Tynan writes: The idea for creating the advert came about one day as I was looking through my collection of postcards and information collated over the years and came across one photo of the Glen Tramway taken, I think, around WW1 (judging by the chap in uniform sat on the left). This got me thinking - I was sure I had taken a digital photo at the same place on the platform.

I checked my photos and there it was. I scanned the old postcard in to the computer and using photo editing software blended the 2 images together to create a ghost-like effect.
If I’d had this idea 20 years ago it would have been a much more difficult image to create using traditional photographic materials and equipment.

This is the advantage of using Digital technology: it is flexible, instant and can be manipulated, bringing visual elements together to convey the tramway's history and for passengers who step on board - a connection with the past.


"Shipley Glen Tramway is a Registered  Charity number 1094288 and welcomes donations towards its upkeep. The tramway is run entirely by unpaid volunteers and all funds raised are spent on maintaining and improving the tramway.

Volunteers are welcome. If you have one spare weekend afternoon a month, a sociable attitude, a willingness to learn and a love of the tramway, think about volunteering.  Anybody wishing to help sell tickets, to sell sweets and memorabilia from the shop, to help in the museum or to train as tram driver please email or call Richard Freeman 0777 300 1250 or simply call in.

More information from 
May to November inclusive
Saturday 12.00 to 16.30
Sunday 12.00 to 16.30
Bank Holidays 12.00 to 16.30



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