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ENJO - Chemical-free Cleaning Products


Local representative: Lesley Brand
0786 6701 244

Lesley Bland, your local ENJO representative, writes:

I was invited to an ENJO cleaning demo by my siter-in-law who told me that I shouldn’t miss it as it could change my world. I remember thinking that she had been brain-washed and saying something along the lines of “If a cloth and water works that well why doesn’t everyone use it?”

Well, boy, haven’t I eaten my words several times over!! I left that demo, given by Sheila Burke, with ENJO stamped across my forehead and champing at the bit to become an ENJO Consultant. Sheila contacted Simon who rang me for a chat about why I was interested in joining ENJO and an hour later (or so it seemed) I let the poor guy go! This was swiftly followed by a face-to-face meeting with Simon in Leeds where I signed on the dotted line before he could say chemical-free cleaning!!

I cannot describe the feeling I had as I realised on my way back to the car that I had just joined one of the most impressive organisations representing the most impressive products I had ever come across.

One day I was a stay-at-home mum with Alice aged 5, Thomas aged 3 and Emelia aged 2, running them to and from parties, clubs, lessons, school etc and struggling to keep on top of my ironing, cooking and cleaning, and here I was still a stay-at-home mum (my choice following a number of successful careers) ferrying the trio around but now with the help of ENJO I was going to be running my own business – a business in fact that excited me, that I believed in and that I knew would grow with me. I felt elated at the prospect of helping others to experience ENJO so positively.

My son, Thomas, has suffered with mild eczema since birth and certain situations eg. exposure to extreme heat, illness and exposure to skin-unfriendly chemicals such as cleaning products for the kitchen and bath have proven to exacerbate his flare-ups. Since I have started using ENJO for all my cleaning requirements there has been a marked reduction in the flare-ups of Thomas’ eczema compared to when I was using harsh chemical cleaners – that can only be good!

My 3 children also love to “help” me to clean the house but when I was using the chemical cleaners I was always concerned about spraying near them (they made me cough and splutter so god knows what would happen to them). Since ENJO has entered our home the kids head for the cloths and can clean to their hearts’ content (literally) and without me being concerned – even my 2 year old knows which colour cloths are for which surfaces! They really are that simple.

With 3 small children, a builder husband, a dog, a rabbit and 2 fish I could not believe that a series of cloths and water could turn my house into a sparkling clean gem – how wrong I was! Even my husband cannot believe the difference, and as for the lack of those “clean” citrus/pine/floral scents that my old chemical cleaners left behind I don’t miss them one bit. I now understand that those overpowering scents were used not only to trick the brain into thinking my house must be clean but were actually masking the actual nasty smells of the chemicals in the products. Instead my home now smells of the fresh flowers in my lounge and the soap in my bathrooms and the lemon and limes in my kitchen – no contest natural scents at their best.

And one last thing – my windows (in and out) my stainless steel kitchen accessories, my solid floors (ceramic, wooden and even rubber), my walls, my mirrors, my toilets, tellies, cream leather suite, WAIT in fact everything in my home are properly clean – 100% clean- for the first time ever and I love it.

Long live ENJO and watch out world cause here I come preaching to the unconverted. And to return to my opening paragraph “why doesn’t everyone use it?” just give me a bit of time and I’m sure they will!

[Note from the webmaster: Lesley will be exhibiting at the Saltaire Festival. Look out for her.]

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