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This zone added to website: 1 February 2015
Saltaire Writers & Artists

This is a new index to the website.

Saltaire has a profusion of hugely talented writers and artists. We will attempt to gather information on some of them.

If you would like to be included, please contact the editor.


Caulfield, Clare - ARTIST
Added to website: 22 July 2015

Clare Caulfied is a Saltaire based artist and printmaker whose work is inspired by her travels to some of the world’s greatest cities including Paris, Venice, New York, Rome, Istanbul, Reykjavik, Prague and San Francisco.

Clare produces handmade original prints at West Yorkshire Print Workshop where she also teaches weekend screen-print courses. 

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Crysler Building NYC / Clare Caulfield

The Crysler Building, NYC © Clare Caulfield

Heald, Richard - PHOTOGRAPHER

Richard Heald photographs local places, seascapes around the UK, and wildlife. He also enjoys abstract photography using various filters, flash guns, fisheye lenses and long shutter speeds to create motion blur.  Saltaire remains one of Richard's favourite places to photograph, so too the iconic, colourful and vibrant skylines of London.

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Richard Heald

Peace, the lion, Saltaire © R J Heald

Added to website: 27 February 2017

I've already launched my 6th album of original songs, am working on the next, and sing 'em at occasional gigs. I've three collaborative performances on the go this year: "Tracking the Brontës" with soprano Charissa Hutchins, "Two Tykes on T'Loose" with storyteller and chair of Yorkshire Dialect Society Rod Dimbleby, and "Salt's Waters" with Steve Bottoms, details on my website.  And with the help of newly-founded Shipley Little Theatre I'm planning to launch a new play "Making Light" at the Saltaire Festival in September.

Dates of Eddie's 2017 events >


Maguire, Flinty - WRITER
Added to website: 14 May 2015

Flinty Maguire is the founder and editor of this website, Writing for children is the best job she's ever had.

Author of the Ellie Booton's Journal series

*Trouble at the Crab Shack Café, Ellie Booton's Journal, No. 1
*The Lighthouse Code, Ellie Booton's Journal, No. 2
*Ellie Booton's Journal, No. 3 - coming soon...

Exciting, thoughtful adventures, suitable for boys and girls, reading age 10 upwards.

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The Lighthouse Code by Flinty Maguire

Added to website: 16 April 2018

Sven Shaw is an llustrator and painter based in Saltaire and a fellow of the RSA. Sven produces commercial illustrations for companies such as the National Media Museum, NHS England, the Science Museum, TUI/Thomson Cruises, the RSPB and the V & A. Sven also works to commission.


David Starley

© Sven Shaw

Starley, David - ARTIST
Added to website: 11 February 2015

David works exclusively in oil paint, which is very thickly applied with a knife to produce a three-dimensional, almost sculpted, image.

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David Starley

© David Starley

Tankard, Nick - ARTIST

Nick Tankard is an artist and book illustrator working from his studio in the World Heritage village of Saltaire, West Yorkshire.

Nick's illustrations are produced using a fine line pen, layers of cross-hatching are are built up to form structure and shape whilst other areas are left untouched in order to hint at a flickering light, a starry night or billowing clouds. It's a time consuming process, but one which he enjoys.

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Arriving for the night shift © Nick Tankard


Wei Xinliang is a local photographer and videographer of weddings, scenes and events.

Wei's still and moving images are enchanting. One to watch on Twitter!

Images for sale
Commissions undertaken.

More about Wei Xinliang >


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