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Hanson, John - Mill Worker
1833 – 21 January 1919

John Hanson born in 1833 in Keighley. Aged just eight he worked for Daniel Salt (father of Sir Titus) in Bradford and subsequently he worked for Sir Titus too. When Saltaire Mills opened in 1853, John was the first overlooker in the spinning department. Later he would become an overlooker in drawing and combing.

John married Mary Wright 6 January 1859 at Keighley Parish Church. They had seven children, the eldest of whom, Joe Harry, died 12 February 1878 aged just 14.  In 1861 they were living at 6 Titus Street in Saltaire, in 1871 at 6 George Street. By 1881 they were living at 8 Glen View Terrace in Shipley, where they remained the rest of their lives.

Mary died 30 July 1914 and was buried alongside her son in St Pauls Lower Churchyard. John was the oldest member of the Overlookers’ Union in the Bradford when he died 21 January 1919. He was buried alongside his wife and son.

Hartley, Fred
28 December 1869 – 31 August 1955

Fred Hartley was the son of William Hartley. William was born c1842 in Bingley. He married Mary Jane Taylor 26 December 1866 at Bradford Cathedral.

Fred, the second of five children, was born 28 December 1869 in Shipley. In 1871 the family were living at 72 Briggate, Shipley with William employed as a wool sorter and draper. In 1881 they were living at 60 George Street in Saltaire with William a foreman wool sorter at Saltaire Mills. By 1891 the family were living at 7 Albert Road (re-numbered 13) in Saltaire.

Fred married Josephine Hanson, a lady thirteen years younger than Fred, 23 December 1909, at St Paul’s Shipley. In 1911 they were living at 21 Avondale Road in Shipley. By 1931 they had moved to 7 Albert Road in Saltaire, where Fred would remain for the rest of his life.

The following is from a report in the Shipley Times 20 July 1935 referring to a ceremony at Saltaire Mills:

Mr. Fred Hartley (who received grand-mother’s clock): —Commenced work at Saltaire Mills in January 1884, a half-timer in the spinning department. He was later for a short period in the enquiry office, and from there transferred to the counting house, where he has been ever since.

Fred died 31 August 1955 at St Luke’s Hospital Bradford. Report from Shipley Times 7 September 1955 as follows:

The death took place on Wednesday Mr. Fred Hartley, aged 85, of 7 Albert Road, Saltaire. Mr. Hartley started as a boy at Salts Mill in the office, and retired after 60 years’ service as cashier His father was the wool department manager at the mill, the position which is now held by Mr. Fred Hartley’s younger brother, Mr. A. R. W. Hartley, who is also a director of the firm.
Mr. Fred Hartley took a great interest in the development of the Sports Association from its earliest days, and until his retirement he acted as its treasurer. Among his interests in Shipley were the Musical Union, of which he has been a member, and the former Saltaire Cycling Club. He was a staunch Conservative and a member of the party. The funeral took place on Monday at Nab Wood Cemetery.

In his will Fred left £1,832 (worth c£120,000 in 2019), to his widow, Josephine; she died in 1977 in Scarborough.

Hartley, William
16 March 1842 – 27 March 1913

William Hartley was the son of William Hartley. William snr was born c1812 in Bingley. He married Susannah (maiden name and date of marriage unknown).
In 1851 & 1861 William snr was a wool sorter living with his family in Bingley.
William was born 16 March 1842 in Bingley. He was baptised 28 August 1842 at All Saints, Bingley.

William married Mary Jane Taylor 26 December 1866 at Bradford Cathedral. They had five children. In 1871 the family were living at 72 Briggate, Shipley with William employed as a wool sorter and draper. In 1881 they were living at 60 George Street in Saltaire with William a foreman wool sorter at Salt’s Mill. By 1891the family were living at 7 Albert Road (re-numbered 13) in Saltaire.

In 1897 William gave evidence at an inquest regarding the death of a mill worker. The report states that William had worked at Salt’s Mill for 30 years.
Mary Jane, William’s wife, died 23 June 1905 and was buried in Nab Wood Cemetery, Shipley.  

William died 27 March 1913. Report from Shipley Times 4 April 1913 as follows:

Another old servant the firm passed away yesterday week the person of Mr. William Hartley, who resided at 7 Albert Road. The deceased, who was in his 73rd year, had been manager of the wool depart for many years. He had been in failing health for some time and had been confined to the house for about fortnight. but the end came rather suddenly. There was a large attendance the funeral, which took place on Monday afternoon at Nab Wood Cemetery. The chief mourners were Mr. and Mrs. Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hartley, Miss Julia Hartley, Mr. Bertie Hartley. Mr. and Mrs. B. Hartley Mr. and Mrs. W. Jeffrey, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hartley, Mrs. Landers, Miss Landers, Mr. and Mrs. Savage, Mr. W. Savage. Mr. W. Crowther (of likely—late Midland stationmaster at Shipley) and Mr. Crowther, and Mr. and Mrs. H. Landers.
Mr Robert Hartley the deceased's youngest son was on his way out to South Africa for the Saltaire firm when his father died. The firm was represented at the funeral by Mr. Harry Roberts, Mr. C. H. Briggs, Mr. John Baker, Mr. H. Stocks, Mr. E. Ellis, Mr. J. Ridsdale. Mr F Kitson. Mr. A. Briggs, Mr. A. Sutcliffe, Mr. H. Metcalfe. Mr. Wood, and about 50 other employees.
From the Shipley Musical Union (of which the deceased was a member) there were present Mr. George Whiteley (president), Mr. W. B. Firth. Mr. C Blagbro. Mr. A. Beecroft, Mr. S. M. Graham. Mr. T. Ripley, Mr. Jennings Alderton, Mr. A. A. Abbott, Mr, Nelson Butland. Mr. John Whitaker. Mr. Charles Craven, and Mr. C. Hodgson.
The floral tributes included beautiful wreaths from Sir James and Lady Roberts and Mr. Harry Roberts. Prior to the interment a service was held in St. Peter’s Church.

William was buried alongside his wife at Nab Wood.

Hartop, James
1847 – 1923

James Hartop was the son of Thomas Hartop. Thomas was born c1805 in Warwickshire. He married Hannah Verity 30 August 1828 at Bradford Cathedral.
James, the youngest of six children was born 1847 in Horton, Bradford. In 1861 & 1871 they were living at 20 Ada Street in Saltaire with Thomas employed as a watchman.

Report from the Bradford Observer 23 October 1868 as follows:

Robberies at Saltaire.
Yesterday, two robberies were committed in Ada Street, Saltaire, one at the house of Mr. Spencer Green, whence the thieves took one pound; the other at the house of Mr. Stead. In this case four shillings were stolen.
It appeared that the thieves had gone in at the cellar grates, which are in the back yard, and had ransacked the drawers and turned over the beds and the cradle in search of money but could only find the above-named sums.
Two men are in custody suspicion, whose capture was accomplished in the following manner: —
It appears that as James Hartop, the postboy for Messrs. Titus Salt, Sons A Co., was coming from Shipley to Saltaire, he observed two strange men, whose appearance was rather suspicious, and also that one of them was dirty about the back. Having heard of the robbery when he got to Saltaire and observing the same two persons get into the train at Shipley, his suspicions were aroused; so, he watched the road they took, and gave an account of the robbery and description of the men at the police station.
Inspector Campbell accompanied him the Lancashire and Yorkshire railway station, and from there to several places, till they found them in a lodging-house in George Street. They will be brought up for examination to-day.

James married Martha Ann Bolland 28 September 1872 at Bradford Cathedral. They had six children, two of whom died as infants. In 1881 they were living at 20 Ada Street with James employed as a warehouseman. By 1891 they had moved to 22 Ada Street. In 1901 James was a timekeeper living with his family at 4 Belmont Crescent in Shipley. By 1911 they were at 27 Ada Street with James working as warehouseman. James would spend the rest of his life here.
James’s wife, Martha Ann, died in 1912. James died in 1923.

Hasinki, Lucyna (nee Dalewicz)
c1941 –????

Lucyna Dalewicz was born in Poland c1941.

Report from the Shipley Times 28 January 1959 as follows:

A burler and mender at Salts (Saltaire) Ltd., polish-born Lucyna Dalewicz, aged 18, was on Saturday chosen by vote “Miss Bradford” of the city’s Polish community.

Miss Dalewicz arrived in this country from Poland 11 months ago. She was presented with a sash in Polish national colours, a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. She now goes forward to represent Bradford in a national competition.

Lucyna married Marcel Hasinki in Bradford in 1962.

Hemingway, Charles - WW1 Roll of Honour
 Hemsworth, Harry Walker
18 October 1875 – 10 May 1949

Harry Walker Hemsworth was the son of Richard Hemsworth. Richard was born 28 August 1838 in Alverthorpe. He married Martha Jane Walker in 1871 in Leeds.

Harry, the third of eleven children, was born 18 October 1875 in Normanton. In 1881 they were living in Normanton with Richard working as a hairdresser.
Harry joined the police force 16 April 1902. He married Sarah Eleanor Robinson 19 November 1902 at St Philip’s Whitwood (village near Normanton). They had a son, Norman Walker, born c1904 and a daughter, Dorothy May born c1905. Wife Sarah died in 1909.

Widowed Harry married Annie Brown in 1910. In 1911 the family were living in Tadcaster. Harry was transferred to the mounted police 1 May 1912.

Harry served as a corporal with the Royal Field Artillery and the Labour Corps in WW1. In 1924 Harry was a warehouse foreman living at 11 Dover Street in Shipley. Harry was a night watchman at Saltaire Mills when he gave evidence at a trial 23 November 1935. By 1935 he was living with Leonora Burnell at 67 Albert Road in Saltaire. He married her in 1939.

Harry died 10 May 1949, and, in his will, he left £575 (worth c£20,000 in 2019) to Leonora; she died in 1967.

Hewitt, Thomas
15 July 1887 – 16 July 1943

Thomas Hewitt was born 15 July 1887. In the 1939 Register he was living with his wife Annie and daughter Hettie at 26 Dove Street in Saltaire.

Thomas died 16 July 1943. Report from the Shipley Times 21 July 1943 as follows: -

Story of Illness and Depression
An inquest was held at Shipley Town Hall on Saturday before Mr. A. C. Ackroyd (Deputy West Biding Coroner) and a Jury, concerning the death of Thomas Hewitt (56), 26 Dove Street, Saltaire, whose body was recovered from the Leeds and Liverpool Canal near Hirst Wood Lock, Shipley, on Friday.
Miss Hettie Hewitt (daughter) burler and mender, said that her father was a spinning overlooker at Saltaire Mills. He had had very bad health, and the doctor had told her that morning that he had been suffering from cancer during the past two years. He had also suffered from a hernia for about fifteen years. His wife died in April 1940, and since she died, he had been very depressed.
Replying to the Coroner, witness said that her father had never indicated that he would do himself an injury. For the last five months he had not been sleeping too well, and he seemed to wander a little at times.
Witness added that on the Thursday night previous she went into her father’s bedroom after he had gone to bed, and he told her that he thought he had fallen, asleep a little. When witness awoke about 6.30 am on Friday the alarm clock was on a chair near her bed. but it was in her father's room when she went to bed. That was unusual, and witness got up and searched the house, but did not find her father anywhere. The back door was unlocked, and everything was in order in the house. Witness said she looked outside to see if she could find her father, but as she could not see him, she got a lady to telephone to the police.
Police War Reserve Alfred Frederick Hobson, of Shipley, said that as the result of information received last Friday, he went to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, arriving near Hirst Wood lock about 7.30, where he saw the body of a man partially submerged in the water about 200 yards from the lock on the Shipley side of the canal. Witness added that he was accompanied by Police Sergt. Salter, who left witness on the canal bank while he obtained some ropes to recover the body from the canal. There was no sign of life in the body when recovered. and it was taken to the Shipley mortuary.
On searching the bank witness found a raincoat, cap and stick about 150 yards away from where witness first saw the body. The coat and cap were on the wall and the stick was leaning against the wall There was no mark on the canal side to show how the body got into the canal. Witness added that there was a slight froth about the mouth of the deceased. There were no marks of violence on the head or body.
The Jury returned a verdict of “Found drowned whilst of unsound mind.”
Hesling, John
c1854 –????

Report from the Leeds Mercury, 1 September 1871, as follows:

On Wednesday afternoon, a lad named John Hesling, about 17 years of age, fell through a trap door in the warehouse of Sir Titus Salt, Bart., Sons, and Co., where he was employed as an apprentice wool sorter, landing at the bottom between a lurry and some sheeting.
The trap door was in the fifth story of the warehouse, in height from the ground of fully twenty yards. Medical assistance was quickly procured, when it was found that the poor lad's skull was fractured in two places, the pelvis broken, and that he had sustained several internal injuries. He was conveyed to the Infirmary at Saltaire.

Hiles, Gladys (nee Gott)
12 February 1896 – 1961

Gladys Gott was the daughter of Willie Gott. Willie was born c1871 in Shipley. He married Margaret Ann Abbott 23 December 1893 at Bradford Cathedral.

Gladys, the second of nine children, was born 12 December 1896 in Shipley. In 1901 they were living 21 Regent Street in Shipley with Willie working as a wool sorter. In 1911 they were living at 26 Jane Street in Saltaire with Jane working as a spinner.

Extract from a report in the Shipley Times 20 June 1919 as follows: -

An examination of the employees of Sir Titus Salt, Bart., Sons, and Co., Ltd., Saltaire Mills, who recently attended a course of ambulance instruction at the Cafe, Saltaire, has resulted as follows: —Passed for First Aid Certificate): — Gladys Gott.

Gladys married Wilfred Hiles, a labourer in a tank works, in 1920. They had at least six children. By 1928 they were living at 17 Queen Street, Shipley, where they remained until 1960.

Gladys died in 1961 at 13 Stubbing Road in Shipley.

Hodson, Minnie (nee Cooper)
1 October 1894 – 5 June 1991

Minnie Cooper was the daughter of Harry Cooper. Harry was born c1873 in Bingley. He married Georgina Robinson 28 April 1894 at Holy Trinity Bingley.

Minnie, the eldest of four children, was born 1 October 1894 at Bingley. In 1901 the family were living in Otley with Harry working as a blacksmith. By 1911 they were living at 31 Constance Street in Saltaire with Minnie working as a drawer machine minder.

Extract from a report in the Shipley Times 20 June 1919 as follows: -

An examination of the employees of Sir Titus Salt, Bart., Sons, and Co., Ltd., Saltaire Mills, who recently attended a course of ambulance instruction at the Cafe, Saltaire, has resulted as follows: —Passed for First Aid Certificate): — Minnie Cooper.

Minnie married George William Hodson in 1921. They had a daughter, Margaret, born 1 May 1924. By 1926 they were living at 21 Grange Avenue in Shipley. In 1939 George was a despatch clerk & warehouse manager. George died in 1966; Minnie died in Pudsey 5 June 1991.



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