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Added to website: 19 July 2015
Shipley Young Adult Fiction Writers (SYAFW)

Calling all Young Adult Fiction Writers!

West Yorkshire-based writers have founded a new writing group, the Shipley Young Adult Fiction Writers (SYAFW).

Though there are already a host of wonderful writing groups in and around West Yorkshire, the SYAFW are thought to be the first and only group specifically for YA Fiction Writers. The group hosts regular writing meeting and workshops at Saltaire Canteen, as well as organising social events. 

YA Fiction is work written specifically for teenagers and young adults. The style is undoubtedly growing in popularity, with well-known YA authors including Melvin Burgess, John Green and Rainbow Rowell to name just a few. Though YA Fiction is popular, it can often require a specific writing skill set, and the SYAFW focus on this.

The group has been co-founded by writers Ahmer Bashir, Trish Cooke and Sophie Joelle.
Ahmer has published three books with an American publishing house. He holds a BA Hons Screenwriting with a Julian Unthank Major Script prize and has over a decade and half's experience working for two prestigious financial institutions based in West Yorkshire. He is currently working on two novels.

Trish is an established children’s book writer with 17 children’s books published to date including the multi award winning book "So Much". As well as children’s books Trish writes scripts for theatre, TV and Radio and she also runs creative writing workshops in schools. Trish is wanting to try out a new style of fiction; she is currently working on her YA fiction novel.

Sophie is currently studying for her BA in Creative Writing, specialising in YA Fiction. She has won a range of awards and accolades for her writing at local, national and international levels, and her work has appeared in several publications including Extract(s).

Sophie said: “I think all writers find it useful to speak to or share work with others who write specifically for the same style or genre. We set up the group in order to provide this platform, as well as offering all writers the chance to find out more about YA Fiction writing.”

SYAFW holds meetings every eight weeks, in which writers share chapters of their work with other members. The idea of the new group is to provide feedback, support and a platform for sharing and reading pieces of writing.

SYAFW are also dedicated to providing social events to promote the YA Fiction style. SYAFW are hosting an Open Evening on 27th July at 6pm at Saltaire Canteen. This free entry event is open to those new to creative writing right through to seasoned authors.

The informal get together will allow attendees to meet members of the SYAFW and find out more about what the group has planned for the next 12 months. There will be YA writing samples to read, nibbles and plenty of opportunities to air questions to other writers.

To find out more about the Shipley Young Adult Fiction Writers, visit the website: or email


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