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Added to website: 20 February 2015
The filming of scenes for An Inspector Calls
Letter to residents and business proprietors

An Inspector Calls Ltd
Westminster Business Centre
Unit 6, 10 Great North Way
York Business Park
Nether Poppleton
York, YO26 6RB

T: +44(0)1909 520 144

Download this letter as a PDF document.

The filming involves: Albert Terrace, Victoria Road and environs, Saltaire Village on Sunday 1st March, 2015

Dear Residents & Proprietors,

We are currently setting up locations for a TV drama of an adaptation of ‘An Inspector Calls’ for a production to be screened on the BBC. The story is set in 1912 and we are approaching the relevant people with a proposal to film in the area for a day on Sunday 1st March.

The filming hours are 10:30 to 21:30 to achieve three night scenes at the end of the day. There will be a couple of hours clear up at the end of the day.

Our day starts at Salts Mill
Day Scenes

  1. A car leaves the factory gates.
  2. A crowd of workers enter the factory gates.

We then move over to Albert Terrace to film a number of scenes.
Day Scenes

  1. A car and workers driving out of William Henry Street on to Albert Terrace.
  2. A crowd of workers walking up William Henry Street from Albert Street.
  3. A character running along the road.
  4. A character walking along the road.

We then move down to the bridge over the canal on Victoria Road

  1. A scene of a car driving over the bridge on Victoria Road.
  2. Scene of a character walking under the bridge on the canal towpath.

We then move back to Albert Terrace.
Night scenes

  1. A character walking quickly along Albert Terrace.
  2. The same character walking along Albert Terrace

On Albert Terrace our camera will be looking up and down the street with little view of the streets leading down to the cobbles. With this in mind we are approaching parking/highways to suspend the bays on Albert Terrace to keep the view clear of contemporary vehicles. Please let me know if this is one of your usual parking spaces so that we can talk further if you can help us with this.

We have two main lights for one cherry picker crane on Victoria Road and a large light on a stand on Albert Terrace to shine up and down the terrace. To assist we will also be requesting traffic management Stop and Go signs on Victoria Road and Albert Terrace for during takes.

We do hope that we can count on your patience whilst we are filming, without your help it would not be possible. However, if you do have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Location Department:

Mark Gladwin on 07710 779 485
or Helen Fisher on 07739 726155

Many thanks for your consideration.

Kind regards

Mark Gladwin
Location Manager
07710 779 485




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