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Added to website: 1 February 2015
Maree Coates, Artist

I love the medium of pastel pencils and soft pastels - the immediacy and layering of colours works well for me. The hands-on effect of softening and blending with the fingers is very therapeutic. Saltaire Village is now home for me, and I continue to work and perfect my skills to better express myself through my art. My goal is to urge the viewer to linger, look and enjoy the moment.

Maree CoatesI grew up in Australia, and have been dabbling with pencils and paints my entire life, influenced greatly by my father who was a very creative and talented man. My paintings are from photographs and mostly portrayed realistically, though sometimes artistic liberty is taken to change colours or exaggerate features that I feel enhance the subject. I try to keep my subject matter simple and I’m inspired by colour, composition, mood and nature.



Examples of work

Maree Coates

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